What the Faulkner?

Just exactly like father if father had known as much about it the night before I went out there as he did the day after I came back thinking mad impotent old man who realized at last that there must be some limit even to the capabilities of a demon for doing harm, who must(…)

Oh, One More Thing, Columbo

Wikipedia gets checked by me every week or so to see if any celebrities died, so I can keep up on pop culture. Their deaths never affect me one way or the other, although I remember being sad for two entire days when Dale Earnhardt was killed in February 2001. I’m a NASCAR fan and(…)

How Very Serendipitous

Serendipity is when someone finds something they weren’t expecting to find. It means a happy accident. One happy accident occurred this past Wednesday evening as I was barreling home in the fast lane, and the engine completely shut off in my pickup truck. Traffic wasn’t too heavy so I cautiously switched two lanes to the right(…)

Saved a Lady’s Life

My dad and I once saved a lady from a burning apartment building. I was reminded of this two days ago as I drove along a busy road and suddenly saw a house on fire in the near distance. Luckily, the fire department had arrived and looked like they had things under control. My own(…)

Heat Stroke & Heroin Guy

We Americans might forget how sweet our freedom is, and how lucky we are to be protected by the men and women of our armed services. This Memorial Day weekend, I’m not forgetting. Thank you, all current and former members of the U.S. military. Thank you very much. Heroin and Champagne I used to write(…)

Driven to Embarrassment

I am reminded of two personal gasoline-related incidents as pump prices inch ever closer to the $4-a-gallon mark. One incident involved my truck engine once running for five straight hours even though I didn”t drive an inch, and the other featured me having a heart attack that I never really had. Idle Mind I was on(…)

Great Speech, Joe Clark

I was in attendance one night as Rush Limbaugh spoke to a large crowd, and whether you share his political beliefs or not, the guy is a good speaker. His stage act had more gusto than a New Orleans chef. At the other end of the spectrum, my former church had a priest who would(…)


(I wrote this children’s story in 2009 when my son, Andrew, was 6 years old) Sometimes Andrew is a super hero, always saving the day, Sometimes Andrew is a dinosaur, hunting for his prey. Sometimes Andrew is an astronaut, landing a ship on Mars, Sometimes Andrew is a rock star, playing the drums and guitar.(…)

Elmore Leonard & Me

I flew to Florida this past week for some R&R, and yesterday was rested and relaxed enough to start drafting a Saturday morning blog. Only one problem – I didn’t bring a laptop on the Florida trip, so on the airplane flight coming home I had to write the blog on a yellow legal pad(…)